Memory is an integral part of who you are. A Political Cartoon showing British imperialist Cecil Rhodes standing atop Africa using the Telegraph cable. DAVID MILIBAND.

The empire of England was approximately a quarter of globe. The people who create history are ignorant of little about the history of the world. Domestically, the industry of England had transformed into the ‘workshop for the world’ and produced unimaginable quantities of textiles as well as other goods that were made that it could export to its colonies.

This is evident in the type of history they write. As England was the world’s unrivaled power during the 19th and early twentieth centuries other industrial powers in Europe were growing also. GILBERT K. Germany was one of them, and despite having several overseas colonies, was one of Europe’s largest economies and soon became one of Europe’s most powerful militaries. CHESTERTON. An Generation of Crisis. There are many occasions and locations throughout the course of history in the world I don’t have any knowledge about when I do learn about them, it’s always interesting.

From 1914 until 1945 Europe went through two world wars, as well as general depression. ANDREW STANTON. These combined, could be considered to be a lengthy period of general crises. The history of public opinion of modern art tells the story of ordinary people not knowing what they’re dealing. In the early days of the First World War (1914 — 1918) the top nations of Europe were caught in an alliance web and nationalist interests that were competing. GOLDA MEIR. In the first half of the 20th century, almost all major military powers in Europe had concluded defensive treaties with a number of allies.

It is a fact that wars are started when governments believe that the cost of war is not too high. This arrangement ensured that a war declared on one country would draw many of the allied powers into the war. RONALD REAGAN. Therefore, it was likely that even a minor war between two lesser powers would develop into a multi-national conflict.

History is nothing more than the recorded and assisted memory. The assassination of Archduke of Austria-Hungary in the summer of 1914 served as an ember that led the rival power that were Russia as well as Austria-Hungary into conflict. GEORGE SANTAYANA. Germany, England, France as well as a variety of other countries accepted their treaties of alliance and jumped into the fray. The historian will inform you what transpired.

In the next few days, everything in Europe was caught in conflict in the open. The novelist will reveal what it was like. World War I is often thought of as the first massive industrial war. E. Indeed, the use tanks, machine guns as well as chemical gas made one of the deadliest wars in history. L. The expansion of war into the Atlantic eventually pressed the United States into joining the War on the side of the Russian-British-French alliance in 1917. DOCTOROW. A landing by French forces at the end of World War I. History quote for the students.

The loss of Germany and her allies during the First World War in 1918 caused, in part, to both general economic decline as well as the Second World War (1939 — 1945). To study the past is to submit to chaos but still having faith in the structure and meaning. Germany was hit with heavy war reparations and was taken away from the military. HERMANN HESSE.

Through the 1930s, Germany was committed to a totalitarian and militant government system in the hope of reclaiming its previous standing as an important military and industrial strength in Europe. What is the definition of history? The past is echoed in the present and a reflection of the future onto the past. Italy is the one of Nazi Germany’s close allies was also on the same path of the rule of a fascist regime. VICTOR HUGO. Expansion that was too aggressive on the portion of Nazi Germany and Japan caused an Second World War.

If you would like the present to be distinct from the past then study the past. essay In 1945 each Germany and Japan were defeated by an all-allied coalition of nations, including Russia, Britain and the US, Britain, and Russia. BARUCH SPINOSZA. Stalin and Churchill during peace talks toward the conclusion of World War II. History is a photo gallery that have only a several originals and copies. Cold War Cold War. The artist is ALEXIS DE TOCQUEVILLE.

Much of the post-World Wars II period of Europe is dominated by political machinations during the Cold War. Be hard-working, enjoy yourself and be a part of history. When Germany defeated, the allied powers quickly became involved in a battle for political and economic control over Europe. Jeff BEZOS. One side was Europe’s Western European nations led by the United States, and on the other side was The Soviet Union . Without the written word, without writing and books there is no history. there would be no notion of humankind. Both sides had starkly opposing ideas about how to manage the nation and run an economy. HERMANN HESSE.

Afraid of the spread of different’s ideals The socialist Soviet Union and capitalist United States effectively split Europe into two halves and with Western Europe falling under a control sphere that was dominated by capitalists in addition to Eastern Europe cordoned off behind an "Iron Curtain" which was the result of Communism as well as Soviet control.

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